Sreya (sreya) wrote in ljlemmings,

Dolly Meme

Found this on persephone_kore's journal.

Use this online dollmaker to create a realistic doll of yourself and a Mary Sue doll of yourself, with extra points for wings. (There's a link to a boy doll site, too)

Here's my "realistic" dolly. I went with an outfit like I was wearing most of the summer -- although the shorts really should be crop pants, since I wasn't supposed to show my knees over in Egypt.

Hogwarts!Sue! See, I'm even a Hufflepuff! With a bunny for a pet -- something NOT on the allowed list. It might even be a bunny with special powers. And I have red eyes. And a super-short skirt, of course. And, well, I guess I see at least Hogwarts through rose-colored glasses. :~P

Well, this was an attempt at a Jedi!Sue in hiding. She has the dark, sad past eyes, and the ridiculously skimpy outfit. If I cared I would photoshop in a lightsaber, but meh, it's not that great anyway.

No longer fandom specific, this is SweetAndLight!Sue -- which REALLY moves beyond looking anything like me, I think.

And to counterbalance, we have Demonic?Sue. Pretty weird.

If I were really bored, I'd go through and make some character dolls, but meh, I have other projects to occupy myself with.
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Hey, how do you post them here once you make them?
What I did is to click the save icon (I think it was the middle of the three below the composite image) and then I loaded them into one of my image galleries and just linked to those.