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LJ Lemmings

For the love of memes

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Can't pass up the latest online survey? Jump for joy at the chance to quiz your f-list on the weirdest trivia? Crave responses to drabble memes?

Join us in the rush over the cliff's edge!

This community was founded for the love of memes. Come share your own creations, and answer the ones posted by others. You can snag memes to post to your own journal, or use this community for all of your meme needs.


  • All posts must be centered on a meme! If you wish to post something else, like promote a community, then post a meme to attach it to. Any posts without a meme in them will be deleted. Eventually.
    • NEW MEMES go into their own community post. You must be a member to post a new meme.
    • MEME RESPONSES go into the comments. Comments have a limit of 4,300 characters, though, so for html code memes, post your response in your journal and then, if you like, post a comment with a link. Or you could just post a comment with the gist of your response ("I have a purple aura!" instead of posting all of the image and question code).
      EXCEPTION: CREATIVE RESPONSE MEMES -- if you're responding to a meme along the lines of "Post a suggestion for a drabble and I'll write you 100 words" in that you are offering to write drabbles, you may make a new post to the journal.

  • Always say where you found your meme by linking to the journal or site, or if you've made it yourself make a note of that.

  • Be courteous! If you don't like a meme, skip it and wait for the next. Think someone gave a dumb answer? Well, chance are you'll give a dumb one eventually. Just giggle at your computer screen and move along. Please no political debating, fandom bashing, or anything else along those lines.

  • Please nothing pornographic or with slash. If you think something might not be worksafe or kidsafe, please use an lj-cut with a warning. Hopefully I won't need to clarify on this one.

Membership is open! Only requirement is that you join us in our VERY FIRST MEME, and help advertise the community on your journal!